Now What?

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Bing West has been a frequent guest on Veterans Radio. He has written ten books about war and close-in battle. A graduate of Georgetown and Princeton Universities, in Vietnam he was a member of the Marine Force Reconnaissance team that initiated Operation Stingray –attacks behind enemy lines deep in the jungles. He also understands high-level strategy. While serving as Assistant Secretary of Defense under President Reagan, he chaired the United States Security Commissions with El Salvador, Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Pakistan, South Korea and Japan.

Bing West’s amazing insight into what has been going on in the Middle East and the various terrorist organizations from that part of the world have always been “dead on”.

This week on Veterans Radio we will be talking with Bing West and others about the most recent terrorist attacks in Paris and Belgium, the U.S. withdrawals from Iraq and Afghanistan and what he thinks we did to fight terrorism last year and we have to do in the

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