VA Benefits Panel of Experts
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This program is for you, the veteran, and your family. This week on Veterans Radio the whole hour is dedicated to explaining your VA benefits. What benefits are available and which ones you may be eligible for.

Join host Dale Throneberry and his guests including Veterans Radio’s own Jim Fausone, founder of Legal Help for Veterans.

Brigadier General (ret.) Carol Ann Fausone, General Fausone served her country for 34 years from 1977 – 2011. From 2003-2011 she served as the Assistant Adjutant General of Veterans Affairs, for the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, State of Michigan advocating for Veterans.

And Lt. Col. James R. Dempsey Jr. Jim Dempsey is the former Commander for the DAV (Disabled American Veterans) for the Department of Michigan. He is a military veteran of 28 years, having served as a non-commissioned officer from 1974-1982, at which time he received a direct appointment as second lieutenant in the Medical Service Corps of the U.S. Air Force. His earliest duties with the U.S. Army involved counseling Vietnam veterans as a Social Work/Psychology Specialist in Fairbanks, Alaska and Ft. Hood, Texas.