What did Rosie the Riveter,
Army Specialist Holly McGough,
Navy Seabee Gary Lillie
and Astronaut Neil Armstrong
have in common?

TRUE “GRIT”! They all had it.

Join our panel of military Journalists/Authors/Historians:  long time Veterans Radio contributor Kevin Hymel, former Historian for the U.S. army’s Combat Studies Institute currently writing with the Air Force as  Journalist/Writer,  John C. McManus, Professor of military history at Missouri University of Science and Technology and, Lt. Col. William C. Latham, ret. U.S. Army. Chinook Pilot, Vietnam, Director, OCS Course, U.S. Army Logistics University  as we let them use their research and writings to tell us about great military leaders and rate them accordingly.  No automatic roses here.

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All Gave Some.  Some Gave All.
Always Remember