100th Anniversary, 1st Infantry Division

100 Years 1st Infantry DivisionThis week on Veterans Radio we celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the 1st Infantry Division, the “Big Red One”, one of America’s most famous Army Divisions.

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Join hosts Bob Gould (1st Division member) and Dale Throneberry and their guests: Randall Ark, Vietnam veteran who served with the “Big Red One” in Vietnam in 1968-69 and Paul Herbert, retired Army Colonel and Executive Director of the First Division Museum.

On June 8, 2017 the 1st Infantry Division, “Big Red One”, celebrated 100 continuous years of service to the nation.

One of the Most Decorated Divisions in the Army

The First Expeditionary Division was constituted in May 1917. The division was officially organized on June 8, 1917, in New York City before embarking to France and England to defeat the Central Powers.

The “Big Red One,” appropriately named due to its well-known and readily identified shoulder patch, was the first to fight in WWI, WWII and Vietnam and was the first to return to Iraq in 2014. Today, 1st Infantry Division Soldiers continue to be on point for the nation with more than 5,700 Soldiers globally deployed.

The 1st Infantry Division — America’s first division — has a proud and honorable history which reflects the heart of the American Soldier. Having fought in five wars, the 1st Infantry Division is one of the most decorated divisions in the U.S. Army. It boasts 35 Medal of Honor recipients and more than 35 campaign participation credits.

Today’s 1ID Soldiers live the division motto as their courageous predecessors have — No Mission Too Difficult, No Sacrifice Too Great, Duty First!

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