Join us this week with our own Jim Fausone of Legal Help for Veterans. He has just returned from theNational Organization of Veteran’s Advocatesconference in Las Vegas. Jim will update us all on what’s happening with that “infamous” backlog of disability claims. And…

Guest, Paul Schwimmer, has just returned home from Germany and will be reporting on the latest recovery of an American serviceman from WWII. He has been working with History Flight for many years. Don’t miss this great story.


History Flight is a non-governmental organization dedicated to finding, recovering and repatriating America’s war dead to American soil. Over the last ten years History Flight has sent over 100 search and recovery teams all over the world to locate loss sites of missing servicemen and to recover them. History Flight deployed cutting-edge, multi-disciplinary remote-sensing methodologies to find MIA loss sites where more than 500 American Servicemen are still missing.

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