September 12, 2021

This week’s one hour radio broadcast is pre-recorded.

Host Jim Fausone Interviews 2 guests:

  • Dr. Tony Brooks, Army Ranger and Author of “Leave No Man Behind”
  • William Vollano, Army Medical Corp and MOH Sherpa

“Leave No Man Behind”

Author Tony Brooks gives a first-hand account of the daring recovery of Turbine 33and the subsequent search for the remaining compromised Navy SEAL recon team—one of whom was Marcus Luttrell, the lone survivor. The Rangers were up against lack of intel, treacherous terrain, violent weather, and an enemy that was raised to fight.

Tony Brooks lived—and many of his fellow Rangers died—by the axiom, “Leave No Man Behind.” He is the first to tell the story other books and films have omitted, one of overcoming overwhelming odds to accomplish a mission: to bring every American soldier home.

Vollano Appeals a DSC to be Upgraded to Medal of Honor

Someone has to promote a Medal of Honor review.  William Vollano is that person for US Army Lt. Col. Charles Kettles (ret.) who received the Distinguished Service Cross (DSC) for his heroic action flying four choppers in to save 44 men in Vietnam in May 1967. 

Almost 50 years later, Bill Vollano recorded Charlie tell his story as part of the Veterans History Project for the Library of Congress.  As a volunteer, Bill has recorded about 75 veteran stories.  After hearing Charlie’s story,  Bill decided that the DSC was insufficient recognition and began a 5 year journey to have Kettles package reviewed for ultimate upgrade to the MOH. 

Bill talks to host Jim Fausone about the process and the importance of Congressional help

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