The Castaway’s War
One Man’s Battle Against Imperial Japan

Join us this week on Veterans Radio for the incredible story of Lieutenant Hugh Barr Miller. Shipwrecked on a South Pacific Island, he waged a one-man war against the Japanese.Our guest this week is author Stephen Harding, award winning author of nine previous books including the New York Times bestseller The Last Battle and one of my favorites, U.S. Army Aircraft An Illustrated Reference.
“In The Castaway’s War, noted author Stephen Harding brings to life an epic tale of one man triumphing over the elements, fear, privation, and the Japanese. In stirring prose, Harding relates the saga of naval Lieutenant Hugh Barr Miller, a World War II Robinson Crusoe whose amazing exploits while stranded on a Japanese-controlled island seem ripped from fiction. His tale, ably brought to life through Harding’s skillful prose, shines as an example of what one person can achieve.” —John Wukovits, author of Hell from the Heavens and For Crew and Country

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