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This week’s one hour radio broadcast begins as host Jim Fausone presents an interview with Michigan Attorney Anthony Spaniola, about PFAS contamination around military bases.

In the second half of the program Jim covers a lighter subject about PinUp Girls.

The Beast – PFAS Contaminants

PFAS contamination is  lingering in the water of around military bases.  In Oscoda, Michigan  residents have asked for solutions to the contamination for years. Now communities across Michigan are fed up and demanding a change. Attorney Anthony Spaniola, a member of community action group Need Our Water (NOW) is among those fed up with how long it’s taking for the problem to be fixed.  “The Air Force is dragging it’s feet here in Oscoda. It’s still supposedly doing investigations and studies and we believe they’ve been doing this for nine years, they’ve had plenty of time, that there’s plenty of information and they need to get down to business.”

“The biggest problem is some of these things doesn’t take effect health-wise until like 70 years sometimes, 30 years, 20 years. It depends on how much contamination is there.” 

Spaniola’s family has a home on Van Etten Lake outside the closed Wurtsmith AFB and has been told that it’s not safe to drink the water from the well on the property. 

He discusses with host Jim Fausone the nature of PFAS, its use in firefighting foam, the military’s slow walk about doing anything and the need to be a community activist.

Beauty – Pinups for Vets

Since 2006, Gina Elise and the Ladies of PinUps for Vets have visited over 13,000 veterans in VA hospitals and active-duty bases. To date, they have donated over $60,000 worth of state-of-the-art rehab equipment for VA & Military hospitals nationwide. 

They take on a 1940s WWII USO entertainer persona and bring “sunshine” to hospital-bound veterans.

Gina talks with host Jim Fausone about the origins of the idea, the annual calendar that is produced to raise funds to support veterans and the critics who have spoken out in 2019. You can judge for yourself if this effort is a morale booster or promoting sexist stereotypes as some of the critics claim.

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