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BraveHearts provides innovative services to meet the needs of our military veterans and their families. By utilizing a faculty of national experts and through its innovative programming, education and research, BraveHearts has become a center of excellence within the therapeutic industry.

Vision: Bringing hope, joy and unlimited possibilities through the healing power of the horse.

Brave Hearts Riding 2017 Impact

MISSION: Jimmy Stewart and the Fight for Europe

Jimmy Stewart and the Fight for Europe by Robert Matzen

Dale Throneberry will interview author Robert Matzen and inquire about one of Dale’s favorite actors and veterans – Jimmy Stewart.

Matzen’s book highlights the most prominent time of Jimmy Stewart’s life you could easily compare with George Bailey’s character, while Jimmy was fighting for Europe, George did the same for his people, more than anyone could have done in their entire life. From the book you will get a chance to learn that those powerful, sometimes stressed out and intense characters portrayed by Jimmy Stewart came from his own experience while he was in WWII.


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