This week on Veterans Radio we will be talking with James P. Meade, PhD, a Warrant Officer helicopter pilot in the Vietnam War, who incurred a massive brain injury during a helicopter crash.  When he awoke from a 10 week coma, he had no memory of the first 19 years of his life.

In his new book, “Making Your Own Reality: A Survival Story” Meade shares the story of how he became brain damaged at age 19 as a result of a helicopter crash. After being unconscious for 10 weeks, he worked for years to relearn everything he once knew. Meade woke up to the realization that he would only overcome his limitations by making his own recovery a reality.

Now a motivational speaker and the CEO of the Dr. James Meade, Jr. Foundation, Meade has written “Making Your Own Reality” to share his belief that everyone has the ability to make his/her dreams a reality.

“I attempt to stress with all my clients that if you don’t make yourself better, it is not going to happen,” Meade said. “No therapist or doctor or anyone is going to do it for you.”

“Making Your Own Reality” emphasizes that nothing worthwhile is impossible if individuals are willing to work and sometimes be comfortable asking for help.

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