Dr. Les Wait Discusses High Rate of Gambling Addiction

Dr. Les Waite of Cleveland VA Medical Center is a national expert on gambling addiction of active duty and veteran population.  He discusses the problem, its co-morbidity with other issues (depression, PTSD, TBI, etc) and its treatment options.  It is estimated that 56,000 active-duty troops have a gambling addiction. Veterans tend to be 2 to 4 times more likely than the general population to be addicted to gambling.  Vietnam veterans are as high as 10 times greater than the general public.  Few people get treated and resources are limited at VA.  However, The Mission Act may give greater treatment options in the community. Congress wants more done on this issue as clinical psychologist Waite discusses.  Listen to Les Waite, Army brat and National Guard veteran, talk about this hidden issue with host Jim Fausone.

Max Mehlman on the Ethics of Drugging Military Personnel

Max Mehlman, JD is a law and ethics professor at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland Ohio.  He has researched and studied ethical issues of performance-enhancing drugs and finds use by the military ethical.  We discuss the history of caffeine, go pills, and speed to drugs that impact sleep and food.  This will make you think about issues that seem routine today but could involve sci-fi genetics to create a better warrior class.  Professor Mehlman has a robust discussion with host Jim Fausone.

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