Transporting Marijuana and Global Military Analysis - October 21, 2018

Dale Throneberry

Griffin Secure Transport: Safe, Secure, Discreet Marijuana Transportation

Griffin Secure Transport for MarijuanaFrom Founder, Dan Griffin:

As a leader in the Michigan Medical Marijuana industry we have a responsibility to inform others on what our industry is all about- professional, legal transportation of medicine.

Here’s an excerpt from an article at Green Entrepreneur.

In September of 2016 Michigan’s governor signed three bills establishing the state’s regulatory framework for the sale of medical marihuana (editor’s note: that’s how it’s spelled in Michigan law). Rarely does regulation bolster business but the new Michigan Marihuana Facilities and Licensing Agency (MMFLA) intentionally created a new sector of the industry. Michigan joined the norm amongst states with legal marihuana by mandating that any movement of marihuana through public roadways must be handled by a third-party secure transporter. With the need for security and the Michigan market estimated at near a billion dollars, in comes the otherwise unassociated military crowd. 

Listen in as Dan Griffin, founder of Griffin Secure Transport, tell us why veterans are the perfect team member for this line of work!

Dr. Rebecca Grant Discusses All Things Military

Rebecca Grant All Things PentagonMilitary Historian/Author/Commentator and President of  IRIS Independent Research. She is also a regular guest on Fox Business with Charles Payne and occasional appearances on Fox ‘n Friends to inform citizens of  the facts related to global military status.

Subject Matter Expertise

  • National Security
  • Global Military Operations
  • Missile Defense
  • Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan
  • Drones and Unmanned Tech
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Airpower
  • American Political Culture


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