Folk Songs of Vietnam WarFolk Songs by Vietnam Veterans

The theme of Sunday’s program is the music of the Vietnam War. These songs were actually written by the men who served in the Vietnam War. Some of these songs are descended from the traditional music of earlier wars, some grew out of the folk song revival of the late ’50s and early ’60s. Others come from rock, country, or blues tradition. In the words of General Edward Lansdale: “. . . they belong to the Americans who served in Southeast Asia and express their own emotions about a war, a people, and a land far from home.”

With the words and voices of Saul Broudy, Chip Dockery, James Patterson (“Bull”) Durham, Bill Ellis, Toby Hughes, Dick Jonas, Chuck Rosenberg, Tom Price, Robin Thomas, Lisa Ellis, Sherry Hughes, Kathy Jonas.

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So, sit back, turn up your headphones and enjoy the “In Country” Folk Songs of Americans in the Vietnam War.

All Gave Some. Some Gave All. Always Remember.