Jar Head Salsa and Arlington Cemetery - January 2019

Host Jim Fausone

Supporting Veterans with Jar Head Salsa

Jar Head at Eastern Market

Gunnery Sargent David Smith Ret USMC created Jar Head Salsa to support veterans of foreign wars. In 2008 Dave retired from the USMC after 20 years of service. At the same time his father, Tom Smith, retired from GM. Together they created Jar Head Salsa. The VFW post 822 in Flint Michigan has a commercial kitchen that was the starting point for the company. Starting initially with 20-40 pints a week. In 2013 they sold their 50,000th pint for their first milestone. Additional products have been added with Bloody Mary Mix, KAeso Dio Dip, Whole Grain and Corn Chips and in December 2013 the canned salsa was added to their product line.

This photo is their local sales booth at Detroit’s famous Eastern Market.

You can connect with Jar Head Salsa on Facebook.

The History of Arlington and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Unknown Soldier Guard

Tom Tudor shares his personal connection with the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, as he recalls his time standing watch over the historic site, having served as a sentinel and relief commander in 1969 and 1970. Tudor explains the selection process, demanding training, and service duties of Tomb Guards, adding that it will always be a special place to all Americans whose loved ones never returned home from war.

Tom Tudor discusses one of our nation’s most hallowed ground: Arlington Cemetery and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, visited by over four million people annually. Tom explains the historical background for the Arlington National Cemetery and highlights some of America’s finest who are laid to rest within the gates, including veterans from every war, Revolutionary War to present day, a fact which sets Arlington apart from every other cemetery in North America. Currently, there are approximately 400,000 men and women buried there and every one of them has a story.

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