Medal of Honor Grove, Valley Forge, PA

The Medal of Honor Grove is the oldest memorial in the nation.

The Grove is a natural woodland covering the majority of the 72-acre campus and is designed as a living memorial to the 3,500+ recipients of our nation’s highest military decoration, the Medal of Honor.  A section of the Grove is designated for each of the 50 states plus Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia.  The Ancient Order of Hibernians erected a 53rd monument dedicated to the more than 150 Recipients of the MOH who had no home state.  Most of these men, if not all, joined our military as immigrants from other countries.

Friends of the MOH GroveEach state area has a seven foot obelisk centered on a 25 foot square brick plaza. Each Medal of Honor Recipient is identified by a plaque on the obelisk and a stainless steel marker with the name and organization of each recipient as well as the date and location of the act of valor.

In June 2011 the Friends of the Grove assumed the honor of maintaining this beautiful memorial park. New roads, mowing, tree removal, community cleanups and installing the yearly addition of recipients names are just some of the Friends’ tasks.

Kansas NCO Trilogy

Three Wars Joe CampoloLost in war, the three beloved characters from The Kansas NCO and Back to The World share memories of their fathers and uncles who fought in their own wars.

A prequel, Three Wars takes us on a journey back to World War 2, the Korean War and the post war years – moving all the way up to the Vietnam War. We follow the families of Arnold Redmond, Andrew Crucianelli, and Doug Montrell as they struggle through their own perilous journeys through war, and finally on into peace.

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