Veterans Radio is a production of Veterans Radio America.

Veterans Radio AmericaVeterans Radio America is a 501(c)3 non profit. All donations and sponsorships are tax deductible.

Mission: Veterans Radio America is dedicated to telling and preserving the stories of America’s Veterans.

Veterans Radio America gathers the experiences of our veterans and shares them with a worldwide audience through our weekly broadcasts on Veterans Radio. These stories are spread around the world through today’s technology. Everybody  has access to these stories through our live broadcasts, podcasts, and the archived programs found on our website.

Our archives feature stories of ordinary men and women who have done extraordinary things in the service of their country. Their bravery and dedication to each other and to their country is of monumental importance to the continuing story of the United States of America.

Veterans Radio America celebrates the American Military through our programming  featuring the veterans themselves, authors, musicians, military benefit and health experts, and non-profits designed to help veterans and their families.

Salute & Honor

Medal of Honor Triad

Salute & Honor

We need your help. Even with the thousands of volunteer hours and current levels of committed sponsorship, we need help to grow our radio network affiliation. We are currently broadcasting in Michigan, Minnesota, California and Oregon. Air time costs average $100 per hour per radio station.

How can I help? Each week, you have an opportunity to sponsor a Medal of Honor story. For $100, we will gratefully showcase your sponsorship during our weekly program. Here are a few of the readings we feature on our website.

Millions of listeners across the US and around the globe will know that you value Veteran stories. Your sponsorship will finance our mission to reach more veterans and patriot audience segments! Radio broadcasts are archived on our website as well as our podcast channel, preserving our Veteran stories for generations.

How Do I Participate?

There are 2 ways to participate.

1. Submit the form below and Dale will contact you.

2. Call Dale Throneberry, Producer and Host of Veterans Radio, to Sponsor a Medal of Honor reading. 734-646-8673

Payment Processing => Your payment can be made through our PayPal portal or check, payable to Veterans Radio America, with a memo of “Salute & Honor – Medal of Honor Reading”.

Our mailing address is:

Veterans Radio America
P.O. Box 3085
Ann Arbor, MI 48106

Salute and Honor

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