January 10, 2021

Jim Fausone, host of this week’s one hour radio broadcast, Guests:
  • Abby Malchow, 19 year Navy service member and Manager of Amazon’s Global Military Affairs program
  • Laura Colbert, 8 year Army National Guard Military Police Officer , Author and School Principal
United States Navy Emblem

Abby Malchow, Navy

Abby Malchow is a 19 year Navy service member and Amazon’s Global Military Affairs program manager.

Abby talks about all that Amazon is involved with to help military and veteran families in B2B and consumer selling.  Amazon has over 40,000 veterans in its workforce.

Abby also talks about her Navy service in Iraq and the PTS issues she experienced and the ongoing transition in her life.


United States Army
Sirens by Laura Naylor Colbert Army MP

Laura Colbert, Army National Guard MP

Laura Colbert is the daughter of a Vietnam War Military Police officer and sister to an Army Infantry Medic. Laura joined the Army National Guard as a Military Police officer in 2001 during  college at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Laura received her Honorable Discharge in 2009. She served 16 months on active duty, spending over a year in Baghdad, Iraq.

Laura has authored a book Sirens: How to Pee Standing Up: An Alarming Memoir of Combat and Coming Back Home.

Laura is now a middle-school principal.

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