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This week on Veterans Radio join host Dale Throneberry and his guests retired Army Major Ed Pulido from the Real Warriors Campaign and Karen Vaughn, Gold Star Mother of US Navy Seal Team Six member Aaron Vaughn, and author of “World Changer: A Mother’s Story”.

June – PTSD Awareness Month

June is PTSD Awareness Month, and the Real Warriors Campaign is asking Americans to honor the sacrifices of America’sReal Warriors warriors.Studies show that approximately 10 to 14 percent of active duty service members1 and 40 percent of veterans are diagnosed with PTSD. PTSD Awareness Month has been observed since 2010 as an opportunity to bring about greater awareness of PTSD, to offer support, and to promote increased access to care and treatment. Experiencing psychological stress as part of military life can be common, but the Real Warriors Campaign has resources that can help. While serving in Iraq, retired Army Maj. Ed Pulido, a Purple Heart recipient, was severely injured from an improvised explosive device blast. Upon returning home, he experienced visible and invisible wounds including the loss of his leg, a traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress. With the support of his family, Army leadership and the military health system, he overcame his suicidal ideation and learned to manage his PTSD.

“World Changer” by Karen Vaughn

World ChangerIn her book, Karen Vaughn provides a mother’s insight for raising children who will impact the world. She discusses her relationship with Aaron in great detail, sharing the love between a mother and a son. She explains how her son became a great man, who then transformed into an elite warrior, and what it was like to lose her son, who gave his life for our country. The book has received raving reviews, including the following:
“This isn’t a book about loss; this is book about life. A life so well lived that it left a legacy…” Sean Hannity, Television and Radio Host
“World Changer will not only change how you see the world, but also how you see your place in it.” Brad Thor, #1 New York Times Best-Selling Author
“Rather than anything you might expect, this book-crafted by a woman with a heart big enough for our children-teaches you and me how to raise up sons and daughters who, like Aaron Vaughn, become World Changers.” Andy Andrews, Author and Corporate Speaker
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