To get a copy of John’s book, please send $3.00/copy for postage to John Kinzinger, 1717 W. Huron River Dr., Ann Arbor, MI 48103


John Kinzinger wrote Sacrifices Not Forgotten as his way of honoring the 76 Washtenaw County servicemen who were KIA or MIA in Vietnam. John is a proud Vietnam Veteran. He was a radio operator with 1st Cavalry Division in 1966. He a charter member of the Washtenaw County Vietnam Veterans of America Charles S, Kettles Chapter 310 in Ann Arbor. He is also a charter member of the Veterans Honor Guard of Washtenaw County, which performs about 150 military funerals per year.

It has been about fifty years and the pain is still close to the surface for many who served in Vietnam and their families.

The randomness in that war and the chance of being in the wrong place at the wrong time was too often deadly. For combat Veterans especially, the Vietnam War had little heart, rhyme or reason. For many who returned home, there was survivor guilt. Why not me?

The loved ones and friends of those killed had to learn to survive with a terrible hole in their heart. Think of your shock if a taxi cab driver came to your door and handed you a telegram. And you just knew it was going to inform you your loved one had been killed? What about the children who never got to know their father? Suppose your husband had been MIA for thirty years before his remains were returned? What about a young newly married wife who receives new that her husband was killed?

Along with the stories of those killed, this book also shares stories of those left behind.

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