Jobs, Jobs, Jobs Part III


Ramp up those resumes, send the suit to the cleaners, and have a notebook handy as this program is about real jobs.  Corporations will be our guests presenting over 1,000 job postings. Our guests include Cheryl Gregory, Vice President and Director of Engineering for Spalding DeDecker Associates, Inc a Michigan based civil engineering firm, Paul Kuchuris, President of the Association for Manufacturing Excellence discusses the AME Values Veterans Program, Bert Johnson, Vice President of Human Resources for Con-way Truckload who talks about their special veterans hiring program and finally from Roush Industries, we have Corporate Recruiter Adrienne Leonard who is in charge of Roush’s Veteran recruiting initiative she and Vice president Steve Sciatto discuss the variety of veteran hiring programs Roush is involved with, including: the Army PaYS Program and the US Chamber of Commerce’s Hiring Our Heroes program.

No excuses now.  Be ready for some excitement.

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