“Tet” 1968 – The Turning Point of the Vietnam War

This week on Veterans Radio we take a look at “Tet” 1968. Some say it was the turning point of the Vietnam War.

Our guests include Col. Richard Camp, USMC (ret),author of Lima-6: A Marine Company Commander in Vietnam, Army helicopter pilot Bob Ford, author of Black-Cat 2-1, and Navy Seabee Larry St Antoine. All were there at the very beginning in Hue and Khe Sanh.

LIMA-6 Authored by Colonel Dick Camp with Rick Hammel

Lima-5 US Marines Vietnam Tet“The ’68 TET offensive really began, at Khe Sanh, with a barrage of artillery fire on the afternoon of 21 January. At that moment, the far-off “pop” of incoming rounds sent me racing to a trench a few feet from my above ground bunker. Within minutes a stretcher party loped past carrying one of my Marines, who had been struck by a piece of shrapnel. For the next three months my days were spent dodging artillery, mortar and rocket rounds, while preparing for an expected North Vietnamese assault.”



Black CAT 2-1 Authored by Bob Ford

Black Cat 21

Foreword Reviews; ”They came in at 2:00 a.m. without any warning. The screaming roar from the rockets propellant was deafening, and all my senses froze as I tried to figure out what was happening. When the rockets came over our hooches on their way to our helicopters 150 meters north of our living quarters, they were no higher than one hundred feet above us. . . . At that instant, a rocket struck in the middle of the compound. . . . I was suddenly floating eight feet in the air looking down at some guy on a bunk.”

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