August 2, 2020

This week’s one hour radio broadcast begins as host Dale Throneberry interviews Matt Sherwood of VetBiz Central, a Veteran Business Outreach Center for Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.

Eisenhower Center’s After the Impact program locations are in Manchester, Michigan and Jacksonville, Florida. Learn about their care programming.

Do you like to work out? Find out more about Battle Bars, a premium protein bar company owned by a veteran.

Matt Sherwood and Boots to Business

The “Boots To Business” program is held on active military bases as part of the Transition Assistance Program. This 2-day event introduces transitioning service members to the concept of entrepreneurship and understanding the skills and experience they gained in the military translates directly into successful small business ownership.

For more information:

After the Impact®

The Eisenhower Center cares for athletes, veterans and first responders while they work through an intense treatment program.

Their exclusive rural settings are the perfect mix of peaceful and functional. They have two settings for this groundbreaking treatment model, the Manchester, Michigan facility which is on a 66 acre hobby farm and the Jacksonville, Florida facility that enjoys the warm sunshine of Florida.

After the Impact® (ATI) addresses education and care for individuals with health/behavioral issues from post-concussion syndrome, post-traumatic stress, mTBI or other similar diagnoses. Their supportive staff is always close at hand to help develop techniques and strategies to meet individual goals.

Click here to download an informational pamphlet with additional information about this innovative program.


Battle Bars

Do you like to workout? Do you have no time for lunch? dinner? 

Here’s a new company, veteran-owned, that provides a high quality hand-crafted protein bar with no artificial sweeteners. 

Gotta have some! 

Battle Bars Protein Bars


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