Vietnam Medic James Squadrito

Dance of the Chameleon Squadrito Vietnam MedicA Vietnam Medic’s story “Dance of the Chameleon” is an eyewitness account of both heroic and shameful events occurring during the Vietnam War. Decorated medic, James Squadrito, served in three venues in Vietnam where the experiences he recounts in the book were far too common: heroin use among soldiers, sex-trafficking of Vietnamese young women and racial infighting.   Jim, who, chameleonlike, changed his colors from the spoiled frat boy to a productive citizen, recounts his personal journey of growth from cynicism to spirituality. A 3M executive gave him the break he needed to turn his life around.  Jim Squidrito discusses post-service challenges and successes with host Jim Fausone.

You can purchase James’ book on Amazon – paperback or digital copy.

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Yoga for Veterans

Connected WarriorsYOGA for Veterans : Judy Weaver a long time yoga teacher, and married to an Air Force veteran, started teaching a US Army Ranger with ALS about yoga, breathing and body presence.  That has grown into a 501c3 that reaches around the world on active duty bases and VA facilities teaching trauma conscious yoga.  She discusses the research done on this approach with host Jim Fausone.

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